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Aiman College

AIMAN SANGAM established a Women’s college in Trichy, Tamil Nadu in the year 2000. The College was brought into being by the AIMAN Education and Welfare Society, who is bestowed with a faculty to look forward to generations ahead and have minds to equip the college with all the necessary infrastructure and facilities so that the nascent college may blossom into a first grade women”s college within a short span of time.
All students are offered Moral Instructions. Muslim students get Deeniyat Education. Other students get general moral instruction, to make them morally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired citizens. Special care is also given to students in the Quran reading in the afternoons after the college hours. The College has a well maintained Hostel. A Mosque is being separately built within the campus. With the appearance of this college, a long felt need has come to be fulfilled and a long cherished dream, especially of Muslims in Tamil Nadu, has come true. The doors of the college are open to all sections of society without distinctions of caste, color or creed. This college will play an active role in spreading higher education among the aspiring young ladies of this country. nn AIMAN College was inaugurated by eminent academician Prof. K.M. Khader Mohideen Sahib, M.A., M.P., President of IUML, Tamil Nadu. The college is affiliated to the Bharathidasan University and it presently offers courses in the following disciplines: nn- B.Sc. (Computer Science) nn- B.Sc (Nutrition & Dietetics) nn- B.Sc (Mathematics) nn- B.C.A nn- B. Com nn- B.A. (English Literature) nn- M.A. (English Literature) nn- M.Sc (IT) nnnMore information on Aiman College can be obtained from Aiman college.

Hibbul Masakeen

AIMAN SANGAM extends financial assistance to bright students in our society, who are unable to continue their career due to their financial constraints. nnThose who wish to sponsor any deserving students or to contibute may kindly contact Mr. Mubarak Ali (Mob: +971-50-7523755), Vice-President (Education) or write to us at

Quran Audio

AIMAN’s major achievement was to release the Holy Quran, recorded with Tamil Translation. AIMAN was the first in the world to bring such cassettes. Sheik Abdul Bari Mohamed, the well-known Quran reciter who strictly follows the fundamental rules of Tajwid, recorded the Arabic voice of the Holy Quran and Prof.M.Abdur Rahman, Principal, Haji Karutha Rawther College, Uthamapalayam, Tamil Nadu, recited the same with its meaning in Tamil .The eminent scholar of the Arab world, His Excellency Dr.Ezzeddin Ibrahim, Cultural Advisor to the President of United Arab Emirates, ex-Vice Chancellor of U.A.E University, released the first set of audio cassettes. The cassettes have been in circulation through out the world and beneficial to the Muslims who speak Tamil Language.nnnnAIMAN has also published the Hadiths and Hadith Qudsi in Tamil. The full set of Quran translation audio cassettes are priced at Dhs. 200/-. This can be obtained from our Abu Dhabi office by contacting Janab Syed Ibrahim Sahib (+971-050-5162454 ) or write to us at

Seminars & Meetings

AIMAN Sangam regularly organizes gatherings and lectures during various auspicious days such as Hijri New Year, Meelad-Un-Nabi, Mihraj, Shabe-baraath, Badr Sahabas Remembrance Day, Lailathul Qadir, etc. AIMAN Sangam organizes Lectures on various Islamic topics rendered by renowned speakers brought in from India. nnAIMAN Sangam organizes Ifthar, Tharaweeh prayers during the month of Ramadhan. nn AIMAN SANGAM conducts Seminar on the life of Prophets and Sahabas and other topics on religious, educational and social awareness.AIMAN SANGAM organizes special gathering on the day of Eid (Eid Milan) for the community people to wish one another.