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Aiman College

AIMAN SANGAM established a Women’s college in Trichy, Tamil Nadu in the year 2000. The College was brought into being by the AIMAN Education and Welfare Society, who is bestowed with a faculty to look forward to generations ahead and have minds to equip the college with all the necessary infrastructure and facilities so that the nascent college may blossom into a first grade women”s college within a short span of time.
All students are offered Moral Instructions. Muslim students get Deeniyat Education. Other students get general moral instruction, to make them morally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired citizens. Special care is also given to students in the Quran reading in the afternoons after the college hours. The College has a well maintained Hostel. A Mosque is built within the campus. With the appearance of this college, a long felt need has come to be fulfilled and a long cherished dream, especially of Muslims in Tamil Nadu, has come true. The doors of the college are open to all sections of society without distinctions of caste, color or creed. This college will play an active role in spreading higher education among the aspiring young ladies of this country.  The college is affiliated to the Bharathidasan University and it presently offers courses in the following disciplines:

B.Sc. (Computer Science), B.Sc (Nutrition & Dietetics), B.Sc (Mathematics), B.C.A, B. Com, B.A. (English Literature), M.A. (English Literature), M.Sc (IT).

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Online Digital Journalism Training

As digital media platforms grow more vibrant and popular every year, digital journalism is more important than ever. Now, not only do newsrooms unearth and report news stories, but citizen journalists around the world, aided by ever expanding digital technologies, are able to present stories via social media platforms and other digital forms.

For journalists, it’s important to learn how to report responsibly, ethically, and with verification. Several influential journalism studies show that increasingly consumers of global news crave deep reporting and neutral, unbiased facts.

AIMAN SANGAM provides online training on Digital Journalism as a free course which introduces participants to best practices in digital journalism. Dr. Askar, an eminent Journalist is heading the training classes.  Using compelling images, and hands-on how-to guides, the course offers valuable insight in modules that tackle Digital Newsgathering, Verification and Reporting, Publishing Effectively on Social Media, Wellness and Resilience and Operating as Independent Media in a Turbulent World. After completing the one year training, participants receive a digital certificate of completion.


Youth employment of Muslims are the lowest in our region.  They are not skilled enough to take any job and grow their career.  On the other hand there is a huge demand for skilled workforce in servicing sector.  Hence, AIMAN BAITHULMAL came up with a program to upskill the young muslims in Tamil Nadu by training them on servicing home appliances, smart phones, laptop, CCTV, etc.  AIMAN BAITHULMAL partners with fully equipped training centers in Tamil Nadu to train the youth, so that the young Muslims in our villages and towns be SKILLED, EMPLOYABLE and SELF-RELIANT

Seminars & Meetings