Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Quran Classes

AIMAN Sangam is presently intended to provide proper coaching on the recitation of Holy Quran and its Tajweed. The classes will be conducted by qualified personnel. The targeted students are expected to be from the age group of 15 plus. The training will be provided free.

Haj Training

AIMAN Sangam regularly conducts training session for the indtended pilgrims for Haj and Umra every year. The sessions includes training on the practices during the pilgrimage, importance of the various performances during the pilgrimage, information on the places to visit and its importance and relevance to Islam, etc.,.The trainings are conducted by experienced scholars.AIMAN Sangam also felicitates the pilgrims before their journey and after the journey with huge gatherings of our members and the public.Those who wish to get the benefit of the above training may write to us at aimansangam1981@gmail.com.

Quran Audio

AIMAN’s major achievement was to release the Holy Quran, recorded with Tamil Translation. AIMAN was the first in the world to bring such cassettes. Sheik Abdul Bari Mohamed, the well-known Quran reciter who strictly follows the fundamental rules of Tajwid, recorded the Arabic voice of the Holy Quran and Prof.M.Abdur Rahman, Principal, Haji Karutha Rawther College, Uthamapalayam, Tamil Nadu, recited the same with its meaning in Tamil .The eminent scholar of the Arab world, His Excellency Dr.Ezzeddin Ibrahim, Cultural Advisor to the President of United Arab Emirates, ex-Vice Chancellor of U.A.E University, released the first set of audio cassettes. The cassettes have been in circulation through out the world and beneficial to the Muslims who speak Tamil Language.AIMAN has also published the Hadiths and Hadith Qudsi in Tamil.The full set of Quran translation audio cassettes were priced at Dhs. 200/-.  Based on the technological advancement, we have now discontinued distributing audio cassettes and it is presently available as a Mobile Application.  You may look for AIMAN QURAN PLAYER at the Android GooglePlay.  It is a free application.  We are also presently working on getting the AIMAN QURAN PLAYER on the IOS platform to run on Apple iPhone and iPad.

Seminars & Meetings

AIMAN Sangam regularly organizes gatherings and lectures during various auspicious days such as Hijri New Year, Meelad-Un-Nabi, Mihraj, Shabe-baraath, Badr Sahabas Remembrance Day, Lailathul Qadir, etc.AIMAN Sangam organizes Lectures on various Islamic topics rendered by renowned speakers brought in from India.AIMAN Sangam organizes Ifthar, Tharaweeh prayers during the month of Ramadhan.AIMAN SANGAM conducts Seminar on the life of Prophets and Sahabas and other topics on religious, educational and social awareness.AIMAN SANGAM organizes special gathering on the day of Eid (Eid Milan) for the community people to wish one another.